Mobile Apps: The smaller the screen, the bigger the app

We've created several apps for both on iOS and Android. We have used both native SDKs as well as cross-platform technologies such as HTML5 and Marmalade. We found out that the smaller the screen is, the bigger the challenge. And that's why it's so fun! From our recent projects:

ArtStar Model ArtStar is an "App Toy": a platform for art-related games and apps. As part of ArtStar creators, we were in charge of games and apps development. In TraceStar, we invented and built a game in which the player, looking through the device, sees ArtStar drawing board and traces a drawing to get a good score - and make the drawing come alive. The game uses image recognition algorithms we developed in-house and some heavy duty video technologies. Click to see a video. StickerStar is an AR game prototype for ArtStar, in which kids can view their stickers come alive, with animation and sound, all using mobile AR technology. Last, ShowStar is a full-fledged art scanner app, built cross platform for both Android and iOS, in which kids and parents can scan drawing, enhance the images and save them on the cloud. Click to watch the app in action.

ArtStar Model DineMarket is a NY-based company which needed an iOS app to complement its web offering. Working closely with DineMarket team, we built this powerful app that will be put to use by hundreds of DineMarket clients: owners and suppliers . The app encompasses the full client business flow from login , to product browsing and more.

For StampIt , an App Toy for kids's email, we've developed the main app. Done on iOS, it looks at the toy and identified, based on the image on the plastic toy stamp, who to send the picture to. it then takes a picture and... sends the email. No typing needed (what a joy)!